The system that offers real savings!

Over the years, more and more machine dealers and operators have adapted their machines with control system ExciControl MH in their wheel loaders. The reason is simple because the savings are real and significant!

The versatile tool

Wheel loader are versatile tools that often handles a variety of materials, regardless of the area of use in construction, agriculture, the forestry industry or in municipal and public activities when it is used for snow removal, road maintenance and sweeping among other things. There are often long distances for snow removal and sanding for example, and many turn back and forth to material stations. This is noticeable not least in fuel consumption, time, and material consumption.

Wheel loader – the versatile tool

Why was EC MH developed?

Wheel loaders that handle many different attachments need control systems developed to control them. A system for each attachment results in a messy cab and an unnecessarily cumbersome and complicated user experience. There arose the need for an easy-to-handle control system that handles several attachments efficiently. ExciControl MH was launched in 2019, today it is a popular and common solution among wheel loader operators of multiple brands.

A dedication to the operators

For 32 years, Excidor has developed and manufactured control systems, products, and solutions with a focus on improving operators of commercial vehicles working environment. Users of ExciControl MH get to experience the simplicity of handling their attachments such as folding ploughs, fork stands, sand spreaders and sweepers. They also avoid the messy cab they usually get with having many and complicated systems.

Installation of a control system

Efficiency and real savings

ExciControl MH can control the flow to the attachment for sweepers and sand spreaders. It is adjustable to machine speed and engine speed. For example, the system detects the machine’s driving direction and allows the operator to avoid sand spreading while reversing. For sand spreaders, there are also smart built-in functions so that the operator can set the desired amount of sand to spread, which provides an even sanding without unnecessary material consumption. The operator can therefore drive a longer distance with the same amount of material, which makes work more efficient and provides real savings on precious material, fuel, and time.

Proven profitability

In the spring of 2023, a test track was created to test the system’s savings potential for real. The test machine was a Volvo L60H with sand spreader model SS30-BM from Drivex with and without ExciControl MH from Excidor. The test was carried out for 60 minutes and the course, 2.7 km, contained all the conditions encountered in typical conditions of sanding. Already after one hour, the savings were clear in materials, fuel consumption and time spent. Here is the result:

Sand consumption:

The system provided an even distribution of sand, which made the material last 45% longer!

Fuel consumption:

The material did not need to be refilled as often. With longer mileage and fewer material refills, fuel consumption (and CO2 emissions) was reduced by as much as 42%!

Time spent:

The operator was more efficient and needed fewer turns to and from the sand station, making the job and impressively 34% faster!


The test showed that those who equips their machines with ExciControl MH can make significant savings on materials, fuel, CO2 emissions and time! The savings start showing already from the first hour but above all, in the long run. Savings obviously depend on many factors, but the test showed a possible total savings of up to 40% when the wheel loader fights slippery roads.

Sustainable and profitable

To work efficiently is more profitable and sustainable for both the environment and the operator. Today there are customized solutions for most machine brands. As one of Excidor’s most popular systems to offer profitability, the development of new machine and tool adaptions continues. Adapt the system to your machine and experience real savings: Contact