Profitable combo of electronics and attachments for construction machinery

The two Swedish companies Excidor and Drivex have jointly improved the overall economy for many owners of construction machinery. By introducing the ExciControl MH control system in vehicles equipped with Drivex attachments, the benefits will be both great and many.

It was in the end of 2018 that it began. Excidor and Swecon was in the process of developing the control system ExciControl MH for Volvo wheel loaders. Around the same time, the collaboration between Excidor and Drivex began, which are also geographical neighbours. The result? – The customized control system Drivex MH (ExciControl MH), specially developed to fit Drivex absorbing sweeper DXU-25 and other attachments. In addition, all Drivex attachments are included as standard in ExciControl MH.

Always the right amount of material

ExciControl MH control system fits with most brands and attachments and consists of a powerful control computer and a 3.5” color display with touch function. With the control computer, all Drivex attachment options are handled, and all settings and attachment selections are made in the display.

Make settings such as:

  • Start and stop functions directly in the display
  • Control the amount of oil to the attachment and set the desired amount of material
  • Get the right amount of material, always! (the system reads tje machine´s speed and engine speed and then adjusts the amount)

Control system DRIVEX MH (ExciControl MH) customized for Drivex attachments

One system for all attachments

The time with several different systems in the driver’s cab is over! ExciControl MH fits several different brands and attachments. Drivex MH is specially developed to fit with Drivex attachments such as sweeper, folding plough, sand spreader and fork stand. All attachments controlled with only one system, a feature not only appreciated by equipment workshops and throughout the industry, but it is also economical and uncomplicated for the end users/customers.

One system for ALL attachments

Excidor are not only responsive and accommodating to our needs, but they also have an awesome service

– Robert Eriksson, Product development/Construction, Drivex

Savings through optimal use

The ExciControl MH system enables adjustable, hydraulic flows that result in less fuel consumption and less wear on the machine, as Drivex attachments are then allowed to be used optimally. For end users/customers of this solution, major benefits are offered:

  1. Reduced fuel consumption
  2. Reduced wear on both machine and attachment
  3. Less environmental impact
Drivex DXU-25 equipped with Excidors control system DRIVEX MH

Same interest and vision

The electronic company Excidor and the machine attachment manufacturer Drivex share both interest and vision, so a collaboration came very naturally. Together, they equip construction machines with quality attachments and reliable control systems for different machine types/brands/surfaces and seasons. Although the two companies are in the same state in Sweden, there are end users/customers spread throughout Europe.

Do you want to know more about Drivex construction attachments or Excidors control systems for mobile environments?


Robert Eriksson, head of product development, Drivex:

Jan-Erik Persson, CEO Excidor:

More about Drivex:

Drivex AB started its company in Edsbyn, Sweden in 1969. The following year, the founder´s two younger brothers joined the company, and the same families are still the company´s majority owners today. Since 1992, Drivex has developed, manufactured, and marketed attachments for construction machinery. All development, production, and distribution of the company´s products still take place in Edsbyn. Drivex currently has almost 50 people employed and sales of just SEK 130 million.

More about Excidor:

For over 30 years, Excidor have developed, manufactured, and marketed control systems, software, keypads, and electronics for flexible driver environments. Excidor´s solutions are available in, among other things, excavators, wheel loaders, railway applications, forestry machines, trucks, woodchippers and other mobile contexts. Products and control systems from Excidor are insensitive, easy to use and maintain and therefore increase the value of machines that are supplemented with such equipment.