High profitability with a combination of power and smooth joystick steering!

Twelve years ago, the journey began of what would develop into a very close collaboration between Caterpillar authorized dealer in Sweden Zeppelin Sverige AB and the control system manufacturer Excidor AB. The result is several models of Caterpillar machines equipped with flexible joystick steering from Excidor.

”I have been involved since the start of the journey and think that the collaboration is good and that Excidor is responsive to our requests”

– Kristian Johansson, Sales Support Manager and Product Manager, Zeppelin Sverige AB

The first control system adapted to Caterpillar

During the summer/autumn of 2012, the first machine-adapted solution for Zeppelin’s wheel loader CAT 926-938 was launched. Since then, machine customization has continued and is now available from CAT 906NG-908NG to CAT 950-962 Next Gen. The result is efficient and smooth joystick steering power packs that has been highly appreciated by operators who value the solution of a safer and smoother operating.

Equipped Caterpillar machines spread through Europe

Kristian Johansson at Zeppelin Sverige AB has worked at the company for 22 years. He was the one to introduce ExciControl WS to other Cat dealers around Europe and the response was very good. The result is one of the most famous machine brands equipped with the market’s most easily installed joystick steering system.


Zeppelin in Sweden is the exclusive dealer for Caterpillar Inc. in Sweden and offers both new and used construction machinery, rental services, and engines for industrial use. They offer complete solutions to companies in a wide range of industries that need efficient machines, engines and equipment in contracting, construction, infrastructure, marine, railway, agriculture, and forestry. Zeppelin in Sweden strives to offer their customers throughout the country high-quality solutions from leading manufacturers, one of which is Excidor with their control systems and product solutions. Read more about Zeppelin in Sweden here: Om Zeppelin Sverige | Zeppelin (zeppelin-cat.se)

New machine brands and dealers are welcome

It is not a slow process to have Excidor’s control system adapted to a new machine, quite the opposite. – Our partners are often surprised by how quickly we can get the machine back into use after an installation. We have competent employees who are both skilled and fast, says Jan-Erik Persson, CEO, Excidor. Over the years, Excidor has developed solutions for most machine manufacturers, from the slightly smaller to the very largest. The more operators who demand the benefits of a more efficient and smoother operating, naturally results in more brand manufacturers and dealers getting in touch to adapt the system to their machine.

Machine safety with an easy installation

ExciControl WS is easily installed on a new machine from the factory or from a dealer but can also be retrofitted to add value to a used wheel loader. The system has been developed in all parts with machine safety in mind and meets current standards regarding CE markings and machine safety. A simple installation of ExciControl WS is all it takes to transform the loader into an easy-to-drive and easy-to-maintain and ergonomically perfect work tool. The system consists of a keypad: ExciPad WS, control unit: ExciControl WS and control valve: ExciValve.


For 32 years, Excidor have been developing and manufacturing control systems, keypads, and solutions for operators’ environments. With the operator in focus, Excidor has developed popular products that have significantly improved the working environment for commercial vehicles operators and increased the value of machines equipped with such systems and products. Read more about Excidor here: Why Excidor? | Excidor

What can customers expect to get of Zeppelin in Sweden’s machines?

– Our customers can expect smooth operating, efficient and safe machines from us with high quality and flexible solutions from Excidor available for many of our models. Most recently, we had a few more models adapted with Excidor’s latest system solution ExciControl GD, a control system that gives the operator the ability to control the grader blade on the Caterpillar grader, says Kristian Johansson, Zeppelin in Sweden.

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