Excidor’s innovative solutions for several machines of Söderberg & Haak

Since 2011, Excidor has equipped many Komatsu machines for Söderberg & Haak and developed functions such as wheel steering, automatic excavator brake and tiltrotator steering for wheeled excavators. When Söderberg & Haak has new ideas involving electronics, Excidor is the obvious choice to develop new functions for their machines.


Starting point: a smooth joystick steering

When Söderberg & Haak was importers of JCB machines back in 2011, Excidor developed the flexible joystick steering system ExciControl WS. With a successful result, a long collaboration began with efficient machines as a result.

– The first equipped machine was a JCB 412 and Excidor’s joystick steering worked really well, Joachim Mårtensson, Product and Business Manager, Komatsu at Söderberg & Haak.


About Söderberg & Haak

Söderberg & Haak is an established supplier of construction and agricultural machinery in Sweden. Since 1898, they have the experience and knowledge in the machine industry to offer high quality machines and equipment. They represent world-leading brands such as Amazone, Komatsu and BOMAG.


Visions become reality

Söderberg & Haak’s Joachim Mårtensson had ideas and visions about desired functions for graders, Komatsu GD675 , both regarding the extra hydraulics and the constant pressure. Together with Excidor’s technicians, the control system ExciControl GD was developed, a system that controls the electronics on the machine without numerous extra valves. Thanks to a smooth installation and features that significantly facilitate the work of operators of Komatsu-equipped machines, efficiency is a reality.

About Excidor

Excidor has over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing control systems and components that provide efficient machines and flexible operators. Innovative and tailor-made products and solutions are available for most machine manufacturers and are appreciated by operators all over the world.


Why does Söderberg & Haak choose Excidor?

– Excidor has high quality products and is responsive and innovative when developing new products and solutions. We appreciate Excidor’s safety thinking regarding products and development, also the fact that we get the opportunity to adapt the software to optimal function for our machines, says Joachim Mårtensson.


Comfortable driving and efficiency

Operators of Söderberg & Haak’s equipped machines experience driving characteristics of a whole new level. Thanks to Excidor’s innovative technology and Söderberg & Haak’s vision to offer their customers a complete solution, operators can enjoy a comfortable driving experience and efficient machines.

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