Excidor – technology to meet future machines

As a manufacturer of innovative and reliable systems and components for flexible driving environments, the technique of a Excidor product is in a constant phase of development. By responding to new needs from the driver’s cab and matching the machines of the future, we add a unique value for machine manufacturers, machine dealers and operators.


The operator in the centre

We know that an ergonomic and safe driver’s cab also provides a sustainable working environment. Therefore, driver ergonomics and safety are always at the centre of our development. Our solutions simplify, make work safer and more efficient for operators of a wide variety of working vehicles. The result is satisfied operators with efficient and sustainable results.


Added value for machine manufacturers and dealers

After 33 years in the manufacturing industry, we have collaborated with a great deal of machine dealers and manufacturers. We often work side-by-side from the idea stage, where we map the need for functions, and develop solutions fitted for each machine and model. This means that we tailor our products and add a unique value for both manufacturers and machine dealers, who in turn can offer machines with the latest technology.

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Great impacts on the results

Excidor’s products and solutions are unlimited and available for all types of working machines. With systems, software, and components, we ensure efficiency and productivity of machines of construction, forestry, agricultural and utility, to name a few. Regardless of what we equip the machine with, you can expect the highest quality and function, and great impacts on the results.

For example, see how you can save up to 40% of your total costs with a control system for your wheel loader: ExciControl MH

Technology and vison of future machines

With a strong focus on the environment and constant pursuit of a more sustainable industry, we work to reduce our climate impact, not least from the industry’s heavy machinery. We are therefore proud to offer products that make operators more efficient, reduce the machine’s material and fuel consumption and C02 emissions. That’s one of the reasons why our products are both popular and highly current today, but also a long-term sustainable choice. As a developer of products to meet machines of today, Excidor has the technology and vision of future machines.

Products and solutions that fits all kind of machines and manufacturers.

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