Excidor introduces the new generation work tool control for wheel loaders, ExciControl MH NG

PRESS RELEASE 2024.05.08

Excidor’s proven control system has been improved with features to take machine operators, and owners to the next level of efficiency, profitability, and precision.


A further development of a popular product

The first generation ExciControl MH was introduced in 2018 and has since helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and machine owners achieve significant resource savings (read more about it here: Excidor for sustainability and reduced resources! | Excidor). With automated hydraulics, material and fuel consumption are optimized, allowing machines like sanders to avoid unnecessary material waste. With savings potential of up to 40% of total costs, the system is a sustainable choice for the environment and profitable for machine owners and operators. Now, the features are further sharpened, inviting more people to take advantage of the benefits of the new generation of automated hydraulics.


Long-awaited features

With the new generation control system MH, Excidor adds a number of requested features to meet drivers’ demands for ergonomics and functionality. Some news are Improved Control and Regulation of existing functions and work tools, the possibility to define up to 5 custom work tools where the driver can define on/off functions and variable flow control for all outputs, which makes the control system highly adaptable to the driver’s needs. Volvo machine dealer in Sweden, Swecon Anläggningsmaskiner AB is first out to test the control system on two of their machines.


Open interface for customized driving

With a new generation comes a range of new features that optimize driving and work. With an open interface, drivers’ have the ability to, among other things, set ramp times and minimum and maximum currents for all functions and work tools. With 5 driver modes that the driver can set and adjust as needed, the system offers a smoother driving experience and increased control. Drivers can easily switch between driver modes for maximum speed during tasks such as sand spreading work or use the new feature “creep function” during precision work, such as loading.


New, ergonomically designed joysticks

In conjunction with the new features, Excidor has developed entirely new joysticks tailored to Volvo’s electrical lever stand for increased ergonomics, comfort, and functionality. With easily accessible functions and roller steering of the bucket, the machine becomes both easier and smoother to operate, without drivers’ needing to lift their arm. Functions that were previously adjusted in the display are now smoothly controlled through hardware buttons directly connected to the joysticks and can be optimized to control up to 5 work tools.

– A significant change is that we’ve moved the 4th function from a joystick one the side of the lever stand to a roller on the 2nd function for better driver ergonomics. We’ve also added a total of 5 push buttons on the three joysticks; the functions have been moved from the display to push buttons for easier operation, says Jan-Erik Persson, CTO, Excidor.


Key features of ExciControl MH NG

  • Saving potential of up to 40% on fuel, time, and material resources
  • Control system for all work tools and seasons, saving time and money through reduced energy consumption and machine wear
  • Open interface for customized solutions such as:

– Ramp times and minimum and maximum currents for all functions and work tools

– More driver modes (up to 5)

  • New, ergonomically designed joysticks for precision and increased driving comfort
  • New feature: ”creep function” adapted speed for precision work
  • 5 completely new custom work tools for work tools not available as standard in the system

A more advanced technology but simpler installations

Despite a new and advanced technology, the system is easily adaptable to more machines. Do you want to take part in the system that increases efficiency, profitability, and precision? Contact Excidor

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