Excidor for sustainability and reduced resources!

Reduce fuel consumption with systems and technology that optimize the machine and driving. It provides major savings in both resources and machine-related emissions in the environment new generations will inherit. Excidor’s products are developed to be used when the machine is working and have saving potentials that reduce the climate footprint and offers a sustainable future.


Reduced fuel consumption

Reduced resource consumption is a reduced environmental impact and therefore an important goal for a sustainable environment. Excidor’s technology optimizes consumption of material and fuel through automated hydraulics so that less resources are consumed. A sand spreading machine can, for example, be optimized with control system ExciControl MH to distribute the sand more evenly and avoid large amounts of material waste. It contributes to a sustainable environment and great savings on resources.


Long-term driving environment

An optimal and safe working environment is important to avoid unhealth or accidents. Therefore, it is important to review risks linked to machines, attachments and the technology used in the machines. Excidor’s technology is reliable, easy to use for the driver and contributes to a more comfortable working environment. It reduces the risk of related wear and tear injuries and offers a long-term and healthy driving environment.


Machines with a longer life span

Excidor’s innovative products contribute to optimal use of working machines. Technology designed to control attachments leads to a minimum wear of the machine. From a climate and environment perspective, it is positive because less resources are required. Machines equipped with Excidor’s technology needs less maintenance and therefore have a longer life span.


Sustainable future

All around the world, targets have been set to take the climate issue into account. Sweden alone, must be climate neutral by 2045. Fossil fuels are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn contribute to climate change. Excidor takes responsibility for its part of the climate footprint and therefore works with climate goals to reduce emissions through fuel consumption. With adapted hydraulics that are used only when the machine is working, has the positive effect of reducing material consumption and fuel emissions. That is how Excidor’s products contributes to a sustainable future.


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