Excidor adapts Case wheel loaders for the Swedish market

The Swedish company Excidor has helped Maskinia to adapt the wheel loaders in Case´s new series G2 Evolution to Swedish drivers’ requirements. Original levers and paddle controls that were too large and sluggish have been replaced with a small joystick and easy-to-manoeuvre rockers for driving the loader arm and bucket.

– We at Maskinia want to deliver Sweden´s best wheel loaders! To be able to offer the market this, we turned to Excidor, says Fräs Erik Andersson who is aftermarket manager at Maskinia.
The machines in Case G2 Evolution, when delivered from the factory, have two large joysticks of the same type as on excavators. The lever on the left armrest has been replaced with ExciPad WS and with a small joystick for controlling the machine.
– Many Swedish drivers don´t want a 15-centimetre-high lever. Here they get a five-centimetre-high joystick which they control with their thumb and forefinger. We have replaced the original keypad with our ExciPad WS, says Jan-Erik Persson who is Excidor´s CEO.

Seat-integrated four-lever stand

On the right armrest, the machine buyer can choose between joystick or seat-integrated four-lever stand for manoeuvring the load unit and bucket. Maskinia thought that Case´s paddle controls were too rigid to manoeuvre. These have now been replaced with Excidor´s lever stand, ExciPad LV with rockers, which have been adapted to Case´s control system. ExciPad LV also has two extra functions, a forward/reverse switch and a kickdown button.

– We are very pleased with the result. Excidor are very professional. They understood what we were after and fulfilled our needs, even more than expected.

– Fräs Erik Andersson
Excidor have also adapted their attachment control system ExciControl MH to Case´s wheel loaders. Instead of having a display from each tool manufacturer, the operator can control all the wheel loader attachments from a single display.

Case G2 Evolution

Case G2 evolution is available in seven models from 12 to 30 tons. The engines meet the requirements for stage 5 without the use of EGR. Among the news is the possibility of adjusting parallel lifting and inclination of the bucket independently of each other. The new tire pressure sensor gives the driver control of the tire pressure directly in the machine´s display. It gives 20-30 percent longer life on the tires.
As an option, there is a new scale system, where the scale is directly integrated in the machine´s main screen. It shows the bucket´s payload, the number of loading processes, the accumulated weight, order data and more.
Case wheel loader and Excidor´s ExciPad WS and ExciPad LV

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For more information, contact:

Jan-Erik Persson, CEO at Excidor, +46 70-644 05 85

Fräs Erik Andersson, aftermarket manager at Maskinia, +46 13-16 30 95

Fredrik Holmqvist, CEO at Maskinia, +46 13-16 30 75


Excidor develops, manufactures and markets controlsystems, software, keypads and electronics for flexible driver environments. Our solutions are found in, among other things, excavators, loaders, railway applications, trucks, forestry machines, woodchippers and other mobile contexts.


Maskinia AB is a general agent in Sweden for Doosan, Case, Bergmann, and a dealer for Epiroc, Husqvarna and Atlas Copco’s wide product range of construction machinery, hydraulic hammers & other tools. The company also has a large range of used construction machinery. Maskinia AB is headquartered in Linköping with branches in Staffanstorp, Gothenburg, Uddevalla, Jönköping, Kalmar and Stockholm / Järfälla.